Japan Used Car Auction

Japan Used Car Auction has more than 120 auction houses with 140000 cars each week up for sale. LG Holdings is an industry-leading Japanese automobile exporter servicing dealer in over 80 countries in every part of the world. With over 10 years of experience in the Japanese Car exporting industry and access to over 120 auction houses, we provide a vast selection of high-quality Japanese used vehicles backed by outstanding customer service.

To meet our client prerequisites, we buy our vehicles from “Live online Japanese Auto Auctions” all over Japan. Our accomplished staff individuals inspect every single vehicle to decide the price tag. We additionally make it feasible for our clients to import autos from Japan at the most reduced expense.


  • Access to almost every specified Japanese auto parts
  • Cheapest source of Parts in Japan
  • Quality parts at reasonable prices
  • Quick and reliable Shipment through EMS and DHL

For your queries you can contact us or call/ whatsapp

(+81)8046041291 / info@lghjapan.com

Procedure to buy From Japan Auction

Make a Deposit

You have to send a minimum of 1000$ deposit to start your Auction buying. The deposits are 100% Refundable.

Search your Car

You will get access to Japanese Auction which has over 140,000 vehicles weekly to choose from, you can search anything you want.

Place your Bid

You have to inform us your maximum bid amount for the chosen vehicle. So that we can proceed your bid.

Get your Result

After the auction bidding is done, we will inform you of the results. If we “Won” the auction you can proceed to remaining “Payment”.
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